Using the Dopey Experiment for Roulette

Andres Martinez, a former editor of the Los Angeles Times, formulated a roulette betting strategy called the "dopey experiment." Martinez himself admits that the dopey experiment was not a betting strategy formulated for making money. The name "dopey experiment" suggests that this particular way of betting is not meant to be taken as a serious betting strategy, and true to its name, it was meant purely as a "for fun" kind of betting strategy. However, simply because a person uses the dopey experiment to bet does not guarantee that they will lose money, neither does it make it likelier for a person to lose.

The American roulette wheel possesses thirty-eight pockets, with numbers printed on them. Like its European roulette wheel cousin, the American roulette wheel has thirty-six red and black pockets that are numbered starting from one, up to thirty-six. Unlike the European Roulette wheel, however, American roulette wheels have two green pockets that are marked double zero and zero.

When a player makes a straight bet, they bet that the ball will fall into a single numbered pocket on the wheel, instead of a group of pockets. In a straight bet with American roulette, a player's odds against winning are counted as thirty-seven to one; the money that they will get, should they win in this kind of bet, however, they get thirty-five dollars for every dollar that they put in.

In the dopey experiment, this fact is usually already presumed, as well as the fact that the person gambling has a gambling bankroll prepared. When using the dopey experiment, a player divides their bankroll or gambling budget into thirty-five units; commensurate to the payout ratio in a straight roulette bet. For thirty-five separate spins, a gamer will make a straight up bet on a single number, using one of the thirty-five bankroll units that they had prepared. If a player wins, they essentially win back their entire bankroll, even if all of their previous bets had lost.

With the dopey experiment, winning in a single spin can mean actually being able to break even, despite having gone through a losing streak. When a player wins using the dopey experiment, they have the option of playing again, using the house money. However, many gambling websites will advise a gambler not to use the money that they have won for gambling, so that a person's financial losses can be minimized, and any profit that they might get would remain intact.