The Surprising Facts About the Casino Game of Roulette

The roots of roulette are veiled in mystery, its beginnings not certain. But the important facts about roulette are properly chronicled. Roman soldiers use a wheel from a chariot to play the game. Others suggest that bets were made on the overall result of a marked shield being spin on top of a spear. Some sources say that roulette came from the game, E.O. or even/odd was first played in Bath, England during the 18th century. It involves spinning a numbered wheel and throwing a ball. But with the increasing number of French immigrants in England, the French roulette wheel was introduced and casinos stop offering the E.O. game.

Over the years, there have been a lot of controversies, stories and changes on the roulette wheel. One of the most famous stories involving the roulette wheel is regarding the person who broke the bank of Monte Carlo. Joseph Jaggers is an English mill engineer from Yorkshire. His background in engineering made him doubt the normal distribution of the roulette wheel, of the ball stopping on a number randomly because of the condition that the roulette goes through.

Jaggers tasked six of his employees to study the action on the 6 roulette tables on the casino for 6 nights. From what his employees have learned, Jaggers learned that 5 of the roulette tables were okay and nothing unusual with the results. But the 6th roulette table has some bias on 9 digits. Jaggers won $70,000 on his 1st night. By the 4th night, Jaggers' winnings were around $300,000 dollars from the same roulette table. The casino tried to change this by switching the wheels around. On his 5th night, Jaggers begin to lose until he immediately noticed that the scratch on his friendly roulette wheel is missing and immediately searched for it.

The casino decided to call in experts to fix the problem. Jaggers then stopped coming to the casino but he won a total of $325,000 dollars. The debut of the World Wide Web has opened a new avenue for millions of players who want to play while staying in their own homes. Players can play roulette any time of the day on whatever casino they want. But before playing, it is always wise to learn the rules of the game so that you will be able to decide clearly on what you will do in the game.

The French variation of the roulette wheel is a game of luck that uses a wheel with numbers and pockets (zero to thirty-six), a roulette ball and a gaming table. The main goal of the game is to correctly predict on which digit the roulette ball will stop. It has a payout odds of 35 is to 1. Always remember to study the rules of the online casino that you will be playing on before signing for an account so that you will know if you have any rules that you have to follow in order to get the bonus or qualify for a jackpot.